Sofil Handkerchiefs

100% Cotton Handkerchiefs
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Made here. Made in India. Proud of India.

SOFIL HANDKERCHIEFS, by SINGHI TEXTORIUM is one of the leading brand of handkerchiefs and scarfs in India, serving since 1954. Our company started with trading exclusively for handkerchiefs and has now grown to manufacturing and becoming one of the biggest exporter of handkerchiefs from India.

It took 5 hard years of planning and individual initiative by our chairman, the dream of our global presence since 1984 come true in 1989. From our first export consignment to Europe we now deal in the five continents.

Approximately around 250 specialist are working in weaving factories. Around 350 experts are in our stitching and packing units. 20 smarties at store and dispatches section. 50 qualified officials are in various department of our concern.
Our powerful management team acting around factories and production units. The sophisticated top-level management controls all production, sales, finance and software development activities.